In a 2½-hour interview with Calgary police shortly after he was arrested on countrywide warrants, Dustin Paxton said he couldn’t explain the numerous serious injuries his best friend received while the pair lived together.

The victim, who cannot be identified, moved to Calgary — weighing 240 pounds — to join Paxton, and the two quickly started a moving company. By the time the man was dropped off at a Regina hospital with broken bones, covered in bruises and missing part of his lip, he weighed just 87 pounds.

One doctor said he looked like a late-stage cancer patient.


Dustin Paxton's former roommate and business partner weighed less than 100 pounds when he was dropped off at a Regina hospital. (CBC)

In the interview, which happened in Edmonton where Paxton was arrested in August 2010, Calgary police detectives Doug Crippen and Brian Rowe suggested that Paxton was a caring guy who was just pushed by the stress of running a business with a partner who "wasn’t cutting the mustard."

"You, you have all these guys. The pressure’s building, building, building, building. You’re, you’re getting this company going and you’ve got this business partner that’s supposed to be your equal and be putting in the same amount of effort," said Crippen.

"He may be putting the effort in but the turnout just isn’t there."

Paxton countered that though his partner would make the same mistakes every day he was willing to try again.

At one point in the interview Paxton cried, telling investigators that he misses his former roommate and that he considers him a brother.

Paxton claims victim was constantly falling down

Paxton also said the victim was "weird at the end."

"He wasn’t the same person that I met," said Paxton. "He was weird.  I didn’t lose any love for him but he certainly was not the same person that I thought I was bringing out to Calgary."

Paxton explained what he could of the injuries by saying the man was constantly falling down, maintaining his "legs were starting to go out on him."

"Some injuries came from him just falling on his face, like I told you, said Paxton. "This guy would fall all the time. He would fall in the shower. He’d fall out of the shower."

The interview started at 1:35 a.m., and Paxton and the detectives ended the interview around 4 a.m.

Paxton had not answered what had happened to his "brother," repeating a phrase he would say many times throughout the interview — it would all come out in court.  

The entire police interview transcript with Paxton is posted below.

WARNING: Police interview transcript contains explicit language and content that may offend some readers.