Some skiers and snowboarders are getting concerned about parking at Sunshine Village west of Calgary.

A three kilometre section of Sunshine Village Road ā€” which leads to the resort's parking lots ā€” is being shut to parking.

That road has been used frequently for parking during the ski and snowboard season, either by choice, or when the lots are full.

Parks Canada made the decision to shut it down as a safety precaution.

Last March, a Class 4 avalanche came down in the area.

"We shouldn't be parking even in between the slide paths and that was advice we were getting from our own experts, we have a very highly qualified avalanche response team," said Bill Hunt, conservation manager for Parks Canada.

But some who frequent the hill, like Ken Dowdell, are concerned.

"For me obviously Iā€™m going to have to get up a little bit earlier to make it to the main parking lot," Dowdell said, adding he visits the mountain between 25 and 30 times a season.

"It will also create a lot more congestion and urgency on the highway, which I think can have a negative effect for everybody as well because everybody is going to be racing to get that parking stall they may not get otherwise."

But Crosbie Cotton, spokesman for Sunshine Village, says the resort is working with Parks Canada to find a solution.

"Parking on the road only occurs on very peak days later in the season," Cotton said. "We'll have resolved this I'm sure."

Sunshine Village Ski Resort is planning to open for the season on Nov. 9.