The Calgary Parking Authority is hearing complaints from Riverfront Avenue residents who can’t use their flood-damaged parkades.

Lionel Charrion is back home in his downtown condo, but the building's parking garage is still closed so he's parking on the street illegally.

"If I get tickets I will go to court and I will go fight for it and say that I will not pay for it," he said. "I live in here so the city should be giving us a break."

Tyler Hazelwood said he’s been told temporary free parking for the area is over and he and his Riverfront Avenue neighbours should park in Bridgeland or the East Village if they want to park for free. 

"They have been patrolling the area like crazy. It just really bugs everybody that they were out of their homes for over two weeks," he said. "Sure they can’t park in the parking garage, but now the city is trying to grab as much money as they can out of them while they are flooded out of the parking garage?"

The suggested free parking areas are too far a walk for some people, especially those who don't feel safe at night, he said.

The Calgary Parking Authority is ticketing on the street because it wants spaces available for neighbouring businesses.

"It's one where it's a bit more difficult to accommodate residents because we don't have a lot of options for them," said spokeswoman Shelley Trigg.

Trigg said the parking authority is speaking to the roads department to try and create additional temporary parking in certain flood-affected neighbourhoods.