Calgary transit riders grateful for help reuniting with lost 4-year-old

It's a parent's nightmare — getting separated from your child in a crowded place. Thankfully, a family's fears were put at ease when a four-year-old boy was united with his parents after getting lost at a C-Train station on Tuesday.

'For a second you think he’s gone forever,' says father of young boy momentarily lost on C-Train

Brittni Petke clutches her young son Kayden after a scary separation on a C-Train station ended with the family reuniting. (Evelyne Asselin/CBC)

It's a parent's nightmare — getting separated from your child in a crowded transit hub.

Thankfully, a family's fears were put at ease when a four-year-old boy was united with his parents after getting lost at a C-Train station on Tuesday.

"For a second you think he's gone forever," said Daniel Petke, father to Kayden. 

The little boy got onto a train at Westbrook station, but his parents were still on the platform.

"It was right out of a movie for me, the door closed, nothing I could do … my son is looking right  at me yelling 'Daddy,' I'm banging on the door yelling, 'That's my son.'"

"It was heart-wrenching just watching the train pull away, and I chased it for a moment before I realized what am I doing? I can't chase a train."

That's when he hit the help button to alert Calgary Transit staff.

Two train drivers brought the little boy into their cabs and he was returned to his parents safely.

"He ran into my arms and the first thing he said was, 'Mommy I got to drive the train!'" said Brittni Petke.

The parents, drivers and Calgary Transit staff met for a reunion on Wednesday to say thank you.

Although it was the longest 10 minutes of their lives, Petke says they are forever thankful to the staff who helped them — also to their young son for acting like a big boy throughout it all.

"I was just so brave," said Kayden Petke.

Daniel Petke says it felt like a movie when the train doors closed and his four-year-old son was whisked away for a stop. Thanks to assistance from Calgary Transit staff, the little boy was safely brought back to his parents. (Evelyne Asselin/CBC)


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