Owner charged after Lab cross bites boy

The owner of a Labrador cross has been charged after police say the dog bit a young boy.

Police say boy had chased dog around owner's home for 10 minutes prior to incident

The owner of a Labrador cross has been charged after Animal and Bylaw Services says the dog bit a young boy.

At about 7 p.m. MT on July 24, animal bylaw officials were called out to Temple for reports that a seven-year-old boy had been bitten by a two-year-old dog.

"The boy was visiting the owner's home at the time of the incident. The child had been chasing the dog around the home for about 10 minutes before the dog bit him, causing serious injury to his face," said Abdul Rafih, operations coordinator with Animal Bylaw Services.

The boy's parents were not there at the time and there were no witnesses to the incident.

Officials say the two were out on the rear deck when the owner heard his dog yip, then the boy cry.

The boy's lip had to be glued back together but Rafih says he is healing well.

The owner has been charged with one count of bite to a person and two counts of unlicensed animal.

A mandatory court appearance is required in all serious animal incidents and consequences could include fines up to $10,000.

Officials say they are examining all aspects of the case to determine what to do next but that they do not have any reported history of aggression from the dog involved in the incident.

"It's still early in the investigation," said Rafih. "We are trying to get all the facts together as well, however we do only have reports that the animal was being potentially chased by the child."

The dog is currently being held in a 10-day quarantine and will then be assessed by an animal behaviourist to determine what course of action should be taken.