Orphaned bear cubs from Yukon arrive at Calgary zoo

Two black bear cubs, orphaned in July in Yukon, have arrived at their new home, the Calgary Zoo.

Cubs were deemed danger to Whitehorse community after mother killed

Aug. 26: Orphaned black bear cubs from the Yukon have arrived at the Calgary Zoo and will be joining the zoo's white black bear Manuka after they are released from quarantine. (Mary Vanderkop/Yukon Wildlife Preserve)

Two orphaned black bear cubs from Yukon have arrived at the Calgary Zoo, their new home.

The cubs were orphaned in July when their mother was shot and killed by Yukon wildlife officers after becoming a nuisance bear in a Whitehorse neighbourhood.

The mother bear and her cubs had been relocated once, but returned to the residential neighbourhood and could not be dissuaded from eating garbage. 

In a release, the Calgary Zoo said the two cubs — one male and one female — will remain in quarantine for a health assessment.

Once that is complete, the zoo says the cubs will be slowly introduced to the zoo's three-year-old white black bear, Manuka. 

The zoo says it hopes the three bears will provide company for each other while educating visitors about the dangers of animals becoming habituated to humans.