Oldest pig in the world lives in Calgary

A Calgary couple can now lay claim to a Guinness World Record after their pot-bellied swine was confirmed as the oldest pig ever.

Ernestine is the oldest pig ever recorded at the ripe old age of 23

These days Ernestine, a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig, is already sporting a few grey hairs. (Submitted by Jude King)

A Calgary couple can now lay claim to a Guinness World Record after their pot-bellied swine was confirmed as the oldest pig ever. 

Ernestine, a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig already sporting a few grey hairs, celebrated her 23rd birthday in July.

Ernestine, the world's oldest pig, celebrated her 23rd birthday in July. (Submitted by Jude King)

Her owner says she's shy, loves to cuddle and doesn't eat too much.

The 70-pound swine is the beloved household pet of Calgarians Jude and Dan King.

"Dan just Googled it one day and found out that the oldest pig on the Guinness World Records was actually about seven months younger than Ernestine," said Jude King. "So we started preparing our documentation cause we thought well she deserves to get in there. She's older." 

Jude King says they're expecting a certificate in the mail from Guinness next week.

"Well she knows she's a big deal," she laughed. "She gets a few extra grapes and raspberries, you know, just cause she's old."

King says it took three months to get the paperwork together to prove Ernestine's age.

She is six months older than the previous record holder. The life expectancy for the average pot-bellied pig is 15.

Ernestine celebrating with her 'sisters,' Rhiannon and Morgan, and 'dad,' Dan King. The girls were only six- and nine-years-old when the pot-bellied pig came to live with the family. (Submitted by Jude King)