First responders were put at risk after two people apparently jumped from the Shouldice Bridge into the Bow River Saturday night.


Searchlights illuminated Shouldice Bridge Saturday night after rescue crews were called for two people who jumped into the Bow River. (CBC)

Three boats from the fire department's aquatic rescue team and a HAWCS helicopter were called out around 10 p.m. MT for a report of two people jumping off the bridge. Officials say river conditions and low light made the search very dangerous for the rescuers.

An adult male made it to shore on his own, but witnesses told rescue crews a female had been swept downstream.

Rescuers had to use high-power spot lights to search because of the darkness. They say the female made it to shore on her own at some point during the search. She was uninjured.

Officials say the couple may have been trying to avoid talking to the rescuers out of fear of getting in trouble.

Alcohol may have also played a role in the event.

Rescue crews are reminding people to be aware that the hazards created by the June flood are still present in the river and can be very difficult to see at night.