The city will soon be looking for volunteers interested in improving behaviour in a couple of Calgary's off-leash dog parks.

City council approved a $75,000 pilot project Monday to have volunteers act as off-leash ambassadors.

Ald. Gael MacLeod says the city gets a lot of complaints about rules being broken in dog parks, and having trained volunteers who own dogs talking to other dog owners about the rules might improve things.

The volunteers would not have the power to fine pet owners for bad behaviour, but MacLeod says this isn't about enforcement — it's about education.

"Dog people talk in the park all the time, there is nothing different about this," she said. 

"They're not telling people 'you have to do this' or 'you didn't pick up' — that's not really what this is about. It's about helping people understand what the rules are and why they're important and why you would rather voluntarily do that rather than having somebody come by and tell you to do it."

The dog ambassadors will be tried in two off-leash areas in northwest Calgary — Egerts and Bowmont parks — in July and August.

If an evaluation shows they have a positive impact, the program may expand to other parks.