The head of the Calgary Homeless Foundation had blunt words for the protesters who have occupied a downtown park for almost a month.

Tim Richter was speaking at a fundraiser for the foundation on Tuesday night when he challenged the dozen or so activists at Olympic Plaza to do something meaningful instead of camp downtown.


Calgary Homeless Foundation Tim Richter criticized the protesters who have occupied Olympic Plaza for since last month.

"I think most of us would rather not squat in parks, smoke dope and shake a fist at the injustices of the world and we’d rather get on with the job of fixing it," he said.

Occupier Paul Tavares insisted the protesters are indeed doing something meaningful. 

"If nobody stands up and shakes a fist at the injustice in the world it’s going to continue. So by him saying that I don’t take any offence because it’s his opinion, but it’s the wrong opinion and wrong statement to make," he said.

"And all it’s going to do is for us to organize more and stay longer." 

Tavares said he fears the city will take some sort of action to remove his group from the plaza by the weekend.


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City council approved a motion Monday calling for the removal of the protest tents, but no deadline was set.

Protesters from another Occupy Calgary group, who had been camping in Centenary Park at St. Patrick's Island, left the site on Monday after Richter’s organization arranged to get homeless occupiers into permanent homes.

But some Olympic Plaza protesters said they will re-establish the island encampment.