It may be many more months before a sculpture left by the Occupy Calgary protesters in Olympic Plaza is ever put on public display.

The three metre-high metal sculpture was left in Olympic Plaza at the end of the 55-day protest. Afterward, the city hauled it away and stored it in a northeast warehouse.

Beth Gignac, city manager of culture, says nothing can be done with the sculpture until the artist provides a statement.

"The conversations have actually been very positive and there haven't been any protest elements engaged within that conversation at all," Gignac said.

"In other words, it's been a dialogue, not a debate."

Gignac said a final determination on the merit of the piece and possible placement cannot happen until the statement is received.

"We present that forward to the Public Art Board for their final approval and then the piece is acquired into the civic art collection," she said.

"Then we start looking at actual sitting plans and life cycle maintenance plans, etcetera."

Meanwhile, the sculpture is being stored in a heated warehouse in the city's northeast.             

A decision on the artwork's future was expected this spring.