A man who repeatedly stabbed a woman in her home while her young daughter scrambled for help will face sentencing in April after pleading guilty to aggravated assault on Monday. 

According to an agreed statement of facts, 68-year-old Nurdin Dossa appeared at Anila Malik's home on Nov. 17, 2016. Dossa knew Malik from a previous business partnership with her ex-husband which soured and so she was initially surprised to see him at her home. 

Dossa had with him a white grocery bag and a locked black box. 

The two chatted in the kitchen while Malik's daughter, who can't be identified due to a publication ban, worked on a computer in the same room. 

As the conversation progressed, Dossa said he had a surprise for Malik and her daughter and he asked the girl to change into a nice dress.

While upstairs, the girl phoned her father but he was too busy to talk. 

Conversation becomes tense

By the time the daughter returned in her dress, which she had covered up with a sweater because it was too small, the conversation had become tense. She also dropped the cordless phone she had used to call her father and Dossa noticed the number, which made him angry. 

Malik asked her daughter to change out of the dress and while she was in the bathroom doing so, Dossa attacked. He pulled a knife from his pants and began stabbing Malik in the face and neck. 

The daughter, locked in the bathroom, could hear her mother screaming "What are you doing, Nuri Mama? What did I do to you?" and watched through a crack in the door as Malik grabbed his black box and returned to her mother.  

"She saw him pick it up and she heard her mother screaming with fright 'What are you – what's in there?'" reads the statement of facts. 

Fleeing for help

The daughter managed to escape from the house and run into the street where she found two construction workers. 

The two workers went into the home and tried to intervene, but fled when Dossa reached for something in his pocket. Malik said Dossa showed them something before they ran out of the home. 

Shortly after they fled, two police officers arrived and broke down the locked door and arrested Dossa.

Malik suffered many wounds as a result of the attack, particularly to her face and neck, but also to her arms and hands, which she used to try to defend herself against the knife blows.

She was in intensive care for 11 days and has been through multiple surgeries, with more anticipated.

Malik has difficulties with everyday tasks, due to the damage to her hands and has trouble eating due to the damage to her throat and face.

Dossa was initially charged with attempted murder in addition to aggravated assault. A judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation prior to sentencing.