It seems many people are ignoring Earth Hour in Calgary.

It is a World Wildlife Fund initiative, which helps raise awareness of climate change.

More than 150 countries take part in Earth Hour, and last year 13 million Canadians turned off their lights.

But it seems there was a lack of participation in Calgary.

According to Enmax, between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. there was no change in the amount of energy used.

But some people did turn off their lights including Samantha Dickison at the Good Earth Café in the community of Aspen Woods.

"Turning off the lights isn't going to help much, but if we fundraise for the nature conservatory we're doing a little bit more than just turning off the lights," Dickison says.

In 2008, the first year Earth Hour was recognized in Calgary, energy consumption actually went up 3.6 per cent. In the following three years, there was a slight drop, but last year there was no change.

Despite the numbers, Chantal Chagon, who organized an event at city hall, says earth hour is gaining momentum.

"It is definitely a symbol and it does get people talking, people are like ‘What’s this Earth Hour all about. and it’s bringing attention to how much energy we use on a regular basis," Chagon says.

While Enmax numbers say participation is low, a number of buildings were noticeably dark on Saturday and the city also turned off all non-essential lights at a number of its facilities.