Telecommunications equipment-maker Nortel Networks is closing down its operations in Calgary by 2009, the company said Tuesday.

Company spokesman Mohammed Nakhooda did not say how many of the roughly 400 employees at the Westwinds Innovation Centre would lose their jobs as a result of the closure.

"Unfortunately, some people will be losing their jobs," he said. "Many will also be relocated, and many will be tele-work or home-based."

The Calgary campus, which is located on 59 acres in the city's northeast, will be completely closed in 2009. Most of the site's employees are involved in research and development.

Nakhooda said the closure is part of a restructuring plan announced in February that will see the company concentrate its operations in fewer cities, with Canadian operations now mostly focused in Toronto and Ottawa.

In the February announcement, the company said it would cut a total of 2,100 jobs and transfer 1,000 others to lower-cost countries.