Canadian Pacific Rail says it has no timeline for when the pathway under the buckled Bonnybrook bridge will be replaced.  

Crews are still dismantling the 100-year-old structure that partially collapsed after one of its piers was eroded by the fast-moving Bow River during last month's flood.

The structural failure left six derailed tanker cars stranded on the sagging track until their oil product was removed and they were hoisted away.  

The path underneath the rail bridge is a popular route for commuter cyclists heading to the city’s core from the southeast.

"What we have to do is wait until the bridge is taken down, and taken down safely, and then we can go in and repair the pathway from the flood damage that it sustained," said Ald. Gian-Carlo Carra.

CP police officers have been encouraging cyclists to use alternate routes — rather aggressively, according to some cyclists who took to Twitter to complain.

But the company denied anyone has been ticketed for using the pathway under the bridge.

The detour takes cyclists onto Ogden Road — a route Kimberly Nelson, who commutes from Lynnwood to the University of Calgary, isn’t comfortable with.  

"It's four lanes of industrial traffic that is not used to dealing with bikes," she said.