Nicholas Rasberry, accused in death of Calgary teacher, granted bail

A Calgary man accused of killing his new neighbour has been granted bail.

Craig Kelloway was stabbed to death in May 2013

A Calgary man charged in the stabbing death of a teacher has been granted bail. 1:48

A Calgary man accused of killing his new neighbour has been granted bail.

Nicholas Rasberry is charged with the second-degree murder of local teacher Craig Kelloway in May 2013.

Kelloway, 31, was found stabbed multiple times in the neck, chest and stomach just before midnight on May 4 in a southeast Calgary home.

Middle school teacher Craig Kelloway was stabbed to death at a home in southeast Calgary in May 2013. (Cape Breton Post)

The victim had recently moved to the neighbourhood of Auburn Bay with his girlfriend and baby.

According to a search warrant application, when police officers arrived at the house on the 100 block of Auburn Springs Close S.E. they found Nicholas Rasberry, 30, on his cellphone with 911.

He told the dispatcher his neighbour had tried to sexually assault him, so he stabbed him.

"I stabbed him multiple times," he told the dispatcher as he requested an ambulance.

The details from the document have not been proven in court.

"It's important to remember he is presumed innocent," said defence lawyer Hersh Wolch.

"I prefer not to go into the facts. The case should be decided in court. It's pretty obvious that if it's a self-defence argument, provocation was involved."

Police arrested Rasberry and later charged him with second-degree murder. A bloodied 25-centimetre knife was found nearby, the search warrant application said.

When bail was granted, friends and family of Rasberry applauded in court.