Alberta Health Services is stepping up its efforts to get more children immunized by launching a new website to combat what health officials call misinformation about vaccinations. is designed to be a one-stop shop for parents, with everything from answers to safety questions to a downloadable vaccination schedule.

Dr. Richard Musto, a medical officer in Calgary, said serious diseases can resurface when vaccination rates go down.

“We saw that in Alberta last year where we had an outbreak of measles that was introduced by travellers from abroad. So we have to keep our guard up. We have to keep our children protected. and so this is getting that out in front of people to encourage them to vaccinate their children.”

Musto said the website is designed as a one-stop shop for parents.

"It’s important for us to get a good authoritative source out there that's friendly and quite usable," he said.

Parents react

The website was created with feedback from parents and includes information on clinic locations, as well as vaccination schedules.

Parent Sarah Roth, an advocate for immunization, hopes the new website helps change opinions.

"A lot of people have pretty strange idea on what immunization does, so it's good to get it out there.”

Jennifer Scheible delayed routine childhood vaccinations for her two young daughters.

"I just think that you know piling that many into them at one time is a lot. And I don't know it’s necessary," she said.