New council sworn in as Nenshi vows end to partisanship

Calgary's new city council is officially on the job after a swearing in ceremony on Monday night.

Four new councillors among those who took oaths at City Hall

Calgary's new city council is officially on the job after a swearing in ceremony on Monday night.

Now that the 15 members of council — including four newcomers — have taken their oaths, Mayor Naheed Nenshi said he’s confident they can stop the election rhetoric and work together.

“And that means setting aside partisanship because Calgarians have told us over and over and over again that they don't want a partisan council. They didn't like it prior to 2010, they don't like it now,” he said.

Joe Magliocca, the new councillor for Ward 2, said there won’t be any campaign cheap shots going forward.  

“You know what, we're going to leave that at the front door of City Hall and when we come inside, we're all gonna make this city a better place”

The novelty of being an elected official is still hitting another rookie, Evan Woolley, who said he's ready to go.

“Now I got keys to the office today and I sat down in there and it became quite real.”

In the next couple of weeks, council will start debating next year's budget, line by line.

Nenshi said he also wants council to tackle what he calls a housing crisis in the wake of last June's flood.        


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