Leo Del Pinto, shown in an undated family photo, died in Thailand in January 2008 during a scuffle with an off-duty police officer. ((Ross Fortune))

A Thai police officer accused of killing a Calgary man is again facing murder charges.

Leo Del Pinto, 25, was shot twice while visiting northern Thailand in January 2008.

An off-duty Thai police officer, Sgt. Uthai Dechawiwat, was charged with his murder.

Those charges are still in court.

On Monday morning, Del Pinto's father received a call from a government official and was told that Dechawiwat has now been arrested for allegedly killing his pregnant wife.

Ernie Del Pinto said he's angry and frustrated.

"They wouldn't put this man in jail when he killed my son, but now apparently he's in jail because he killed his wife and his child," Del Pinto told CBC News.

"That doesn't make sense to me. If they would have put him in jail the first time, I would assume that these people could have saved these two lives."

Thai police initially reported that Leo and Chilliwack, B.C., resident Carly Reisig had a fight while drinking at a bar. The fight escalated outside and turned physical when a police officer tried to intervene, said Col. Sombat Panya of Pai district in northern Mae Hong Son.

Dechawiwat told Thai investigators the pair attacked him when he tried to intervene, and that his gun "accidentally went off" three times as he tried to defend himself.

Shooting victim tells a different story

But Reisig, who was wounded in the shooting, denied there was any fight. She said she was talking to Del Pinto when a man punched her in the forehead.

She said Del Pinto defended her by shoving the man, who got a gun from his motorcycle.

The two men struggled for control of the gun before the man shot them both, she said.

Since his son's death, Ernie del Pinto has headed a campaign called "Justice for Leo."

It involved billboards and buttons asking for help in making sure the person responsible is put in jail.

"How many more does this man have to kill for him to be punished and prosecuted in a timely manner," Del Pinto said. "It's taken two and a half years for me to get him through pre-trial, where it should have taken six months. Not even."

He said he hopes the new charges will help speed up his son's murder trial.

Leo had only been in Thailand for a week before he was killed. He had spent almost six months in the country the previous year, working as a translator in a tattoo shop and trying to find a job teaching English.