A new boom has been installed at Harvie Passage and officials say it is closed until flood damage can be repaired.

Crews from the Calgary Fire Department and the province installed the new boom upstream of the passage on Saturday.

The June floods caused extensive damage to the passage and have made it too dangerous to use, officials say. Problems include significant gravel deposits in the passage as well as damage to its structure, such as the island that divides the river into channels for boating.

Due to those changes, officials have decided to close the passage until repairs can be completed.

"The rivers are definitely changing and they have changed since the flood," said Tyler Pelkie, assistant deputy chief at the Calgary Fire Department. "There are still hazards. As the water levels change, then are exposed to more hazards, or see some of those hazards that we wouldn't normally see."

Rescue crews are concerned about exposed pipes, loose rocks and other damage since the flood.

Even under ideal conditions, officials say the passage is turbulent and difficult to navigate.

Harvie Passage will reopen once repairs are completed.