A section of Calgary’s land use bylaw added a few years ago that requires new multi-family buildings to have bicycle parking is starting to show results.

Bike shop owner Sean Carter was surprised recently to learn about the new regulation, which requires builders of new multi-family buildings to incorporate space for indoor bike storage or at least bike racks beside their buildings.  

Carter said he thinks the requirement will help make Calgary a more bike-friendly city.

"There's many sorts of things that are happening all at the same time right now to drive people to choosing bicycles more often. And if they do that, they're going need a place to put their bikes, both at their destination and when they get home," he said.

According to Ald. Druh Farrell, expanding bike storage requirements is part of the city’s new cycling strategy, which was approved by council last July.

The three-year plan calls for the land use bylaw to be further amended so that new workplaces will have to include bike lockers and showers to make it easier for employees to cycle to work if they choose.

"We’re hearing very clearly from Calgarians that more and more people want to cycle. They'll cycle if conditions are safer, better, that sort of thing," she said.

The cycling strategy will also see the city invest in new cycling infrastructure, including more dedicated bike routes in the downtown core and elsewhere, wider pathways, better routes leading to LRT stations and a bike-share program.

One of the strategy's goals is to double the number of Calgarians who commute on bicyles into the core by 2020.