For the next month, Calgarians can give their ideas for cutting red tape at city hall.

The mayor's "Cut Red Tape" initiative is moving into its final phase.

The first phases have already resulted in changes that save time and money. People can now register their child in swim lessons on-line or book an appointment for a permit application.

In the first two phases, the city has heard from its employees and the business community. Now it wants to give Calgarians a say.

Nenshi isn't sure yet if there will be yet another phase after this.

"We'd like to see how phase three goes because we've got a lot of implementation yet to do on phases one, two and three. As a matter of fact, we're significantly under budget because we have money left over for implementation projects that have not yet started."

The Progressive Group for Independent Business was one organization that took part. The group’s executive director Craig Chandler says he went into it a bit skeptical.

Chandler says he's not a Nenshi supporter, but is finding there's a new culture at city hall.

"From our organization's perspective, we have seen some good progress and we're giving credit where credit is due — no matter how much it pains me."

Calgarians can submit their ideas to cut red tape by calling 311 or by answering a questionnaire through the city's website.