Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi 050913_1

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is urging the federal government to make public the details of a new infrastructure fund it announced in last year's federal budget. (CBC News)

Naheed Nenshi's list of donors includes big money from the development industry, despite his war of words with some homebuilders.

Homebuilders, property developers and even billionaires have contributed to mayoral re-election campaign, with 43 cheques ranging between $2,500 and $5,000.

However, Nenshi says Calgarians shouldn't be surprised to see developers backing his campaign.

"The vast majority of the development industry is hugely supportive of the direction this council has gone," Nenshi said.

"There's just a couple — who, by the way, I've never met — who seem to have an issue with council but don't come to the meetings, don't ask questions, don't get involved in the negotiations process and yet want to elect a slate of aldermen who won't work with the mayor."

Although big donors make up much of the money in Nenshi's campaign war chest, the biggest number of donors are the 1,200 Calgarians who have donated less than $100.

In municipal elections, donors don't get tax receipts, so many people donate just to help the democratic process.