Blood donations are at a five-year low and Canadian Blood Services is calling on Albertans to roll up their sleeves and give.

After a national blood drive last week, the stockpiles of donor blood are still too low and some within the organization are worried about being able to meet demand.

"This year is definitely different than we've seen in the past," said Judy Jones, executive director of donor relations for southern Alberta with Canadian Blood Services. "We're definitely at an inventory level that we're not comfortable with. We are about to go into our summer months and we usually like our inventory to be much stronger because we know long weekends and people's holidays are coming into play."

Jones said they have noticed an increasing number of no-shows at blood drives.

They are asking that people who can't make their appointments to let them know so the spot can be given to someone else.

So far, no one who needs blood has had to go without. However, the organization is looking for another 2,300 Albertans to donate in July and August.