The search of an acreage connected to the disappearance of a five-year-old and his grandparents is finished, say Calgary police. 

For the last two weeks, RCMP and Calgary police held the property as dozens of officers hunted for clues for the whereabouts of Nathan O'Brien and Alvin and Kathy Liknes. 

Divers from the fire department finished scouring a nearby pond.

A spokesperson for the Calgary Police Service says police remain in the area and if anything is discovered, they could be back to the acreage. 

For now, the owners are allowed to return home. The parents of Douglas Garland, the man facing murder charges in connection with the missing family, are listed as the property owners. 

Police say they don't know if they've returned, but a chain hung from two trees on either side of the driveway, preventing people from getting on the property.

Garland dive

A diver searches a pond on the property near Airdrie police have been searching for the last two weeks. (Meghan Grant/CBC)

Kathy Liknes, Nathan O'Brien and Alvin Liknes

Nathan O'Brien, centre, and his grandparents, Kathy and Alvin Liknes, have not been seen since Nathan's mom left the Liknes' home on June 29. (Calgary Police Service)

Garland driveway

A chain, supported by metal grill, replaces police presence blocking off the Garland driveway. (Meghan Grant/CBC)