Natasha Farah shooting: more than one shooter involved, police say

Calgary police say there was more than one shooter involved in the shooting that killed an innocent bystander Saturday.

Bystander shot to death outside downtown Calgary bar early Saturday morning

Bystander Natasha Farah, a former resident of Toronto, was shot and killed outside a Calgary restaurant early Saturday morning. (LInkedIn)

Calgary police say there was more than one shooter involved in the shooting that killed an innocent bystander Saturday.

In a news conference Wednesday afternoon, police provided more information about the incident, which left 26-year-old Natasha Farah dead. 

Earlier Wednesday, police announced one man is facing a charge in connection with the shooting. However, they say investigators are still looking into the man's exact role in Farah's death.

Farah, 26, was a recent public relations grad who had moved to Calgary from Toronto about a year ago.

Police took a suspect into custody on Wednesday in connection to the downtown shooting death of Natasha Farah. He was picked up at an apartment complex in Ranchlands. (Kyle Bakx/CBC)

She was standing outside Bronco Smokehouse and Saloon at 11th Avenue and First Street S.W. early Saturday morning when gunfire erupted nearby.

Farah was pronounced dead at the scene. Witnesses reported seeing a suspicious vehicle leaving the area.

Intention of gunman still not clear

Earlier this week Calgary police detained and questioned four men in the investigation. Three of them have since been released, but the fourth is being held on a Canada-wide warrant for attempted murder.

Another of the suspects — who is the only one charged so far in this case — was re-arrested at an apartment complex just after midnight Wednesday on Ranchview Drive N.W.

Sgt. Mike Cavilla with the Calgary Police Service said they are still not clear on the motive of the shooting.

"What the intention of the gunmen was, we're still trying to determine," he said.

Cavilla says two of the other men who had been brought in for questioning were not the shooters but are friends and associates of the the man now facing a weapons charge.

He says CCTV footage from the area played a major role in identifying him.

Police are waiting on results from forensics and ballistics tests before laying additional charges.

Police are still asking for anyone with photos or video of the shooting to come forward.