Calgary Muslim group's survey to help prevent marginalization of youth

A local Muslim group is conducting an online survey that will ask Alberta Muslims about issues ranging from discrimination, to quality of life and community leadership.

Goal of study is to create new programs, strategies to help Muslim youth

Mukarram Ali Zaidi is chair of Think for Actions, a Calgary group set to do a survey of Alberta Muslims on everything from discrimination to community leadership. (CBC)

A local Muslim group is conducting an online survey that will ask Alberta Muslims about issues ranging from discrimination, to quality of life and community leadership.

"Muslims can be proud Muslims and proud Canadians at the same time," said Mukarram Ali Zaidi with Think for Actions.

The study, supported by dozens of Muslim groups, is being led by the Alberta organization that focuses on helping Muslim Canadian youth and their communities.

"The objective of the survey is to understand the issues, bring out the best in us, make sure that we have enough programs that prevent marginalization in the community," said Ali Zaidi.

The survey's authors say one of their goals is to help craft new programs and strategies to help Muslim youth.

Ziad Paracha, with Think for Actions, notes some Muslims have become targets of discrimination.

"If we're able to focus on those concerns, we can figure out what [programs] to implement," said Paracha. 

The results of the survey will be presented to a conference of Alberta Muslim organizations next May.