The Museum of the Highwood reopens this weekend following a devastating fire two years ago that destroyed the building and a number of artefacts.

The roof of the museum erupted in flames in July 2010. Some artefacts stored in the attic of the building were damaged, while others were lost.

Irene Kerr, museum curator, said she is running on pure adrenaline trying to get the building ready for Saturday’s official reopening in High River.

"It’s very chaotic in here, it always is... whenever exhibits open," Kerr said. "It's right up to the last minute."


Volunteers are putting the final touches on the Museum of the Highwood for Saturday's reopening. (CBC)

Collections manager Krystyna Halliwell, whose job is to keep track of thousands of artefacts, said the re-opening has been a lot of hard work.

"Some of the challenges are getting all of the pieces ready for public viewing," Halliwell said. "Getting them stable, getting them mounted in an exhibit setting, getting everything in the building ready."

Hundreds of volunteers worked since the fire to save thousands of exhibits, and many of the charred items will be featured in Saturday’s reopening.

The Museum of the Highwood is located at 406 First Street S.W. in High River, Alta.