The four candidates running for councillor in Ward 7 debated the issues at a forum on Tuesday night.

The event at Eau Claire Market drew about 100 spectators.

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Three challengers — Brent Alexander, Joylin Nodwell and Kevin Taylor — are hoping to unseat Druh Farrell.

Farrell cited her accomplishments on city council over the last 12 years and said curbing urban sprawl remains her first priority.

Calgary Ward 7

Candidates for councillor in Ward 7 debated the issues on Tuesday night. (CBC)

“We’re working hard to change it, but there is a lot of push back,” she said.

Farrell’s challengers tried to portray themselves as better choices.

Taylor, who owns the Cheesecake Cafe, positioned himself as the fiscally prudent candidate.

"I encourage you to avoid voting on name recognition but vote for someone who's going to be a guardian of your tax dollars, your hard-earned tax dollars,” he said.

Nodwell, who coaches swimming, said she’d set up informative public workshops in a bid to get secondary suites legalized.

“I find a lot of opposition comes from just not knowing,” she said.

Alexander, who is a managing director at RBC, said he’d work to reform the way Calgarians are taxed.

 “We are completely misguided in the way we set up our taxation system, partly because that’s the way the province insists on it being done. But we really have to fight for a fairer tax system that allows the services that you are using to be what you’re paying for.”