One week before the election, Ward 11 is shaping up to be one of the areas to watch.

Like many Ward 11 residents, Larry Zaleschuk says the big issue is taxes.

"They have to try and keep their taxes down I know that there's a lot of projects and after the flood there's a lot of things that have to be done, I just think a 30 per cent increase in three years is too much," says Zaleschuk.

Former community association president Wayne Frisch is on the ballot again. He finished last in 2010 when there were five candidates on the ballot. This time there are only three.

Frisch says voters are frustrated with current alderman, Brian Pincott. 

"Talking to different community boards, associations and people he's really alienating the community,” says Frisch.

That includes pushing to ban shark fin soup and reducing light pollution, says Frisch.

Also taking on the incumbent is last election's runner-up James Maxim.

He got 32 per cent of the vote while Pincott won the seat with 36 per cent.

Maxim says people are telling him it's time for a change.

"A lot of things that are unattended to in Ward 11 in the sense of being completed, the traffic problems that exist, the property tax that's going up, as well as the development that's going on in Ward 11 — for those reasons I think Mr. Pincott is going to face some difficulties from the voters."

Pincott defends his record, including his efforts against shark fin soup.

Ald. Brian Pincott

Ward 11 Ald. Brian Pincott, pictured, won the 2010 election with 36 per cent of the vote. No. 2 finisher James Maxim, who is running again this year, got 32 per cent. (CBC)

"When I get a petition with 12,000 names on it and I think it's something valid something that we can and should do and show leadership on, why not?"

Pincott says the big issues he'll tackle if re-elected are traffic and affordable housing.

"We have gone from a really challenged housing situation in our city to what is a crisis following the flood and that is something that we as a council have to actually sit down and deal with."

Ward 11 resident Saskiya Houwen says she supports Pincott.

"I think he's engaged in the community,” says Houwen.

“That's a big deal to me — how engaged you are."