Richard Pootmans held off three challengers to win re-election in this riding, including former ward alderman Joe Connolly.

Pootmans is finishing his first term here after defeating nine other candidates in 2010. 

One day, maybe, the southwest ring road will form the western boundary of this ward. While the LRT does run here now, there are still plenty of transportation and development issues on the west side.

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Ward Demographics

  • Population: 81,136
  • Per cent population: 7.1%
  • Total dwellings: 31,633
  • Percentage of home ownership: 80.96%
  • Vacancy rate: 2.22%   
  • Largest age group: 35-44  
  • Transportation:
  • Bicycle: 238 Transit: 3,257 Drove alone: 17,370  
  • Current alderman: Richard Pootmans
  • Communities: Aspen Woods, Christie Park, Coach Hill, Cougar Ridge*, Discovery Ridge, Glamorgan, Glenbrook, Glendale, Patterson, Signal Hill, Springbank Hill, Strathcona Park, West Springs

*Cougar Ridge is also part of Ward 1

Registered candidates

City Councillor

Richard Pootmans

WINNER: Richard Pootmans

Represented the residents of Ward 6 for one term from 2010-2013.

Bob Bowles

Bob Bowles

Has worked with Calgary companies like Mark's Work Wearhouse and Forzani's to help grow their businesses.

Joe Connolly

Joe Connolly

Former Ward 6 alderman from 2007-2010 who has a background in business.

James Donald Istvanffy

James Donald Istvanffy

Has been a candidate for Ward 6 three times, including the 2001 and 2007 elections.

Public School Board

  • WINNER: Trina Hurdman 
  • Misty Hamel
  • George Lane (Incumbent)

Catholic School Board

  • Antoni Grochowski
  • WINNER: Peter Teppler
  • Mark Franssen

With files from CBC's Scott Dippel