A candidate for public school trustee in Calgary says about 60 per cent of his campaign signs have been stolen.

With the latest attempt occurring on his own front yard in broad daylight, Rick Lundy said he feels he’s being specifically targeted.

Lundy has put up 500 signs in wards 3 and 4. But a few hundred of them have simply vanished, he said.

“We've noticed it's been mostly private signs. We've had some on public land ... but not to the same extent as on  private lawns,” he said.

On Saturday afternoon, a car pulled up in front of Lundy's house and a man and woman got out to steal his lawn sign. But they were scared off by a neighbour, he said.

Richard Pootmans, who is running for re-election to council in Ward 6, said his signs are getting vandalized.

He said there was vandalism in the 2010 election too, but this year the tone seems meaner.

“People are calling us, quite concerned. Some of the defacing of our signs involve slicing our heads off — it's a much nastier fight than it was last time,” he said.