Calgary mayoral candidate Jon Lord says he will not be at a major debate next week but will instead be working on his grilling techniques at a cook-off in Kansas.

Lord says he won a barbecue competition in Alberta last year and was invited to the 34th Annual American Royal World Series of Barbecue in Kansas City.

He says he doesn't find debates with many candidates that useful.

"So they basically just ask the same question of all the candidates and you just go through an evening of doing that on 10 different questions," he said.

Lord says he can get his message across better on his website and Facebook page.

The barbecue competition wraps up Oct. 6, but Lord says he won't be able to make the CivicCamp debate at the University of Calgary Oct. 7.

Calgary's municipal election will be held Oct. 21 with advanced polls opening on Oct. 9.