Calgary election advanced voting numbers up so far

With only two days left of advanced voting, more Calgarians have cast ballots so far in the lead up to next week’s election than they did in 2010.

Increase of 6 per cent over last election with only 2 days left for advanced voting

More Calgarians have voted in the lead up to next week’s election than they did in 2010. 2:17

City of Calgary returning officer Barbara Clifford says advanced voter turnout is up six per cent compared to the last election three years ago.

But there are still two days left for advanced voting on Tuesday and Wednesday before election day on Oct. 21.

Clifford says the increase is likely because eligibility rules are a lot looser now.

“I think it's just that people are learning more and more all people have the right to go to any advance vote location anywhere, and they don't have to be doing it for a specific reason — so it's just word is getting around.”

As of Sunday night, 13,882 had voted. At this time in 2010, 12,660 had voted.

Calgary Flame T.J. Galiardi was one of those voters. He’s got an out-of-town game on election day.

“It’s very important for everyone to vote, you know. You get people complaining about their community and it’s their own fault — they need to vote and they need to be engaged in politics and know who their alderman is,” says Galiardi.

Ward 9 incumbent Gian-Carlo Carra had a bus Sunday to drive voters to polling stations. He says he worries councils' high approval rating won't translate into a high voter turnout. 

"It's really important that everyone comes out and supports the candidates, supports the mayor and supports the councillor who they feel is going to be contributing to the future of our city," says Carra


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