Meet the moustache mentors of the Royal Canadian Legion Alberta NWT Command in Bowness.

As we enter the second week of Movember, the legionnaires impart some much-needed wisdom. 

  • Listen to the full interview here (and if you find the military wax, let us know): 

Greg Forfey

Greg Forfey, who has nicknamed his 'stache The Lorax, prides himself on his two-toned handlebar moustache. "It's an emotional thing that men are trying to put forward. It's part of your persona and it is what you want — it could be straight, it could be fluffed, like a little Lorax, it could be anything that you want to have — but that's all up to you." (Karen Moxley/CBC)

Willy Smith

Willy Smith claims his moustache used to be red. Smith says once, on Calgary's old Electric Avenue, he was mistaken for Calgary Flames' hero Lanny McDonald. (Karen Moxley/CBC)

Mike Makcrow

Mike Makcrow believes the moustache is man's perfect facial accessory. A full beard, he says, would only obscure his good looks. (Karen Moxley/CBC)

 Lyle Kent

The only complaints Lyle Kent hears about his 'stache are from 'the ladies.' Sometimes they say, 'it's just too scratchy.' (Karen Moxley/CBC)