A Calgary man who rents a home from the city says officials waited several months before responding to his complaints about a worsening mould problem in the property.


Youssouf Abakar shows CBC News how badly mould has infested his home, which he rents from the Calgary Housing Company. (CBC)

Youssouf Abakar lives with his wife and seven children in a subsidized property managed by the Calgary Housing Company, a city-run agency.

In January officials with the company came to inspect the dark-coloured mould. They cordoned off one room of the property over health concerns.

After another four months passed without further action, a frustrated Abakar had threatened to go to the media with his story, he said.

Once the mould was inspected again, and found to be spreading, officials told Abakar he and his family must move out for several months while repairs are done.

Akabar said the move will disrupt his family and his children's schooling.

"My son is in high school and doing very well. I don't want to move him. He get new people, he get nervous and so on … ,"  he said.

Officials said they followed proper protocols to deal with the mould but admitted they should have acted sooner.

"I was aware that during that time there were some periods of unavailability as well on the part of the tenant's side. You know what, I'm not going to lay blame on either side. I mean, the fact of the matter is, it has taken this long and it's not a good thing," said Calgary Housing Company official Rick Farrell.

A temporary place has been arranged for the family and their moving expenses will be covered by the city.

The repairs will take up to a couple of months, after which the family will be allowed to return to their home, officials said.