Police are investigating a fatal motorcycle collision in the city's southwest Wednesday evening.

Duty Insp. Guy Baker said a man on a motorcycle crashed after travelling at a high rate of speed on northbound 14th Street just before westbound Glenmore Trail.  

The motorcycle was the only vehicle involved.  

Derek Johnson saw the accident as he was crossing the causeway on his bicycle on his way home. He said he heard a loud noise before seeing the motorcycle hit the railing.

"They get these machines and maybe inexperience, I don't know," he said. "But it puts a shock into people that have to witness this. Just slow down. Speed kills."

Off-duty nurses were able to provide life support at the scene, but the man succumbed to his injuries.  

The crash is still under investigation and the medical examiner has been called.  

Police temporarily closed northbound 14th Street S.W. at Glenmore Trail for the investigation.