More than 60 people questioned in Braeside party stabbing

Police say they questioned around 60 young people after two men were stabbed - one fatally - at a southwest Calgary house party Saturday morning.

Police investigating after early morning incident on Braniff Green S.W.

Police are investigating after two teens were stabbed - one fatally - at a house party in Braeside Saturday morning. (Meghan Grant/CBC)

Police say they questioned more than 60 people after two men were stabbed — one fatally — at a southwest Calgary house party Saturday morning.

Emergency crews were called at roughly 12:10 a.m. MT Saturday to a home in the 11400 block of Braniff Green S.W. after reports of a disturbance at a house party. Two males in their mid to late teens were found suffering from stab wounds and were transported to Foothills Hospital.

One of the victims was declared dead upon arrival.

The other victim is in stable condition and is being treated for his injuries.

Police say the witnesses they brought in for questioning from the house party have been cooperative so far.

According to one person who was at the party, the confrontation happened when a large group crashed the party and a girl allegedly had her car stolen.

"Everybody was here having a party and then a whole bunch of random people came over that nobody knew," said Adam Whitmore, who was at the party and knows the homeowner. "Then the party just started getting a bit out of hand."

Whitmore says people began yelling and fighting on the front lawn around midnight.

The homeowner had apparently been trying to get people to leave the house prior to the incident.

"It started because some girl got her car stolen because she left her car idling outside the front," he said. "Everyone was trying to scramble around the house and everyone was trying to be like, the big man trying to find the keys and all that, so then there just started fighting going on."

Whitmore says the party was meant to celebrate several recent and upcoming birthdays among the circle of friends.

 It's not known how many people were involved in the stabbing but police say they have no suspects in custody at this time.

No weapon has been recovered yet and investigators are still working to determine the motive as well as the relationship between the offender or offenders and the victims, whose identities have not been released.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 403-266-1234 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477.