Calgarians with multiple sclerosis will no longer have a dedicated case managers.

Alberta Health Services is eliminating the two positions in Calgary designed to help multiple sclerosis patients, CBC News has learned.

A similar position for people suffering from ALS is also being cut.

Carol Fredrek, who speaks for the Multiple Sclerosis Society in Calgary, said she is worried about the cuts. "I think it’s going to be a tremendous loss."

The case manager positions were set up in 2008 to help people with certain chronic diseases navigate a complicated health-care system. Now, 150 people with MS in the Calgary area and 80 ALS patients will be losing dedicated case managers.

Fredrek says without case managers, patients could start slipping through the cracks.

"My concern is that there are people with MS who don't have the skills or the knowledge to know how to access the system."

An Alberta Health Services spokesperson said in an email it’s collaborating with home care workers and the MS clinic in Calgary to manage the complex needs of its patients.

"We are confident the needs of MS patients and their families can be best met by strong collaboration between these two established programs."