A Calgary MLA says a lockout at a northeast seniors' centre has gone on long enough and it's time for the government to act.

Staff at Monterey Place, located in northeast Calgary, have been off the job since June and been without a contract for a year because no agreement has been reached on wages or workloads.

The workers held a rally Thursday to mark 100 days on the picket line at Premier Alison Redford's constituency office in Calgary.

David Swann, the Liberal representative for Calgary Mountain View, was at another rally held later in the day in front of Monterey Place, which was also attended by Alberta's NDP leader Brian Mason.

He believes the ability to care for the residents at the centre could be compromised.

"The basic answer is to go to arbitration and let an independent body decide what's fair, but the owner doesn't want that," he said. 

"Understandably he likes to keep things where they are, unfairly paying the employees, as far as I'm concerned, one third less than the average pay in other facilities."