A Calgary mother is concerned that Calaway Park isn't keeping its play areas safe for young children after her toddler got blistering burns on her feet.

Laura Kirkpatrick was told her 18-month-old daughter Kaley had to take off her shoes to use the Theodore Tugboat play area. The child, who wasn’t wearing socks, was fine, until she went onto a sun-exposed mat.

“As soon as she went onto the sun area she started screaming,” said Kirkpatrick.

Kirkpatrick rushed Kaley to the first aid area, but the on-duty EMT was busy. His assistant helped the child, but the bandaging needed to be redone.

“The paramedic had to check things out and we had to redo the bandages and rip the tape off her skin. So she was obviously more upset at this point,” she said.

Structure closed in hot weather

Bob Williams, the general manager at Calaway Park, said the amusement park has two play areas like this.

“We do have a protocol, especially when we get into the higher 20s- or 30-degree range. We will close the structure down if the mats are too hot. Both of those structures on the day were checked and monitored throughout the day and as I say we had about 700 children between the two of them and there was no other concern or incident.”

Kirkpatrick believes there is another solution to this problem

“What I'd like to see them do is put some shading over top the structure or remove the structure. It's obviously not safe for children.”

Williams says even though they did have a similar incident about seven years ago, there are no plans to modify or remove the play areas.