Mission Possible racing against clock to clear out donations

Time is running out for a Calgary organization that helps flood victims.

Warehouse space in northeast had been donated by SAIT but has now been sold

Mission Possible has to be out of its warehouse in northeast Calgary by the end of June but still has hundreds of donated items looking to go to a good home. (Carla Beynon/CBC)

Almost one year after the floods, time is running out for a Calgary organization formed to help flood victims rebuild.

Mission Possible was formed after last summer's disaster and has collected hundreds of pieces of donated furniture for flood victims who lost everything. There is still plenty waiting to go to victims and now, the organization has to get it all out of its warehouse by the end of June.

"I don't think it's that we weren't able to get it out, we were hoping to get it out when people were ready," said Farrah Knoja, spokesperson for Mission Possible. "The term at the warehouse, although we had a defined lease, we thought if it was extended a bit people would rebuild in the spring [and] that would be when the need would happen."

Now, time is up.

The warehouse space in Calgary's northeast was being donated by SAIT Polytechnic but the building has been sold.

Mission Possible has to be out by the end of June and will have to clear out the warehouse.

Flood victims will get priority to pick out items from the donations but they will also be available to other Calgarians in need — and already, people are lining up.

If there are still items left by the end of June, Mission Possible says it will donate them to other charitable organizations in Calgary.