The Missing Children's Society of Canada says one of its programs can instantly widen the search area during an Amber Alert.

It's called Milk Carton 2.0 — the World's Most Valuable Project and the society likens it to "the milk carton for the digital age." It asks people to connect their social media accounts to the Missing Children's Society so that when an Amber Alert is issued, the organization can post immediately to the person's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Foursquare feeds to notify everyone in the network instantly.

"We need to be a connected community, we need to be there and ready for law enforcement to be able to bring information to us," said Amanda Pick, executive director of the Missing Children's Society of Canada. "It only takes one person in the right spot to save the life of a child."

Pick says the society is working directly with Calgary police to get as much information out as quickly as possible.

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