A Calgary couple who went missing after heading out to Kananskis Country for some winter camping has been found.

Melody Forrest, 41, and Garrick Wright, 40, were reported missing after not returning home on Sunday.

Missing vehicle

The couple was believed to be travelling in a black 2007 Mazda CX7 with Alberta plate WRY955. (Calgary Police Service)

Police say they made their way to a road and a passerby brought them to a gas station in Bragg Creek about 6:30 this evening.

EMS picked them up and they are being treated for mild hypothermia.

The two had been travelling in a black 2007 Maxda CX7 with Alberta plate WRY955. There is no word yet on if the vehicle has been recovered.

Police had put out an alert about the couple earlier in the day because they were concerned about their welfare given the weather conditions.