A Calgary mom is thanking crooner Michael Bublé for making a video for her son, an autistic boy who is a big fan.

Christin Woods said a friend contacted the Vancouver singer about her six-year-old son Griffin.

A video, in which Bublé sings and plays a keyboard for her son, recently arrived in Woods' inbox. 

Griffin's first reaction to hearing his name in a song was a smile, his mom said. 

"By the second or third time he watched the video he really got it. He was laughing and blowing kisses and saying 'bye-bye Michael' at the end of the video and stuff. Now he requests it multiple times a day." 

Woods said music is very important to her son and this song will always be important to her family.

"That's really remarkable that he kind of found it in his heart and his time to sit down and to do something so special," she said.

Griffin's reaction