Mexico beating victim recovering after surgery

A Calgary woman who was brutally beaten at a Mexican resort has undergone extensive reconstructive surgery and now faces a long recovery, her family says.

Sheila Nabb's husband Andrew thankful for Canadians' support

Sheila Nabb and her husband Andrew are shown in a family photo. (Canadian Press)

A Calgary woman who was brutally beaten at a Mexican resort has undergone extensive reconstructive surgery and now faces a long recovery, her family said in written statement Thursday.

Last month Sheila Nabb, 37, was found unconscious with extensive facial injuries in an elevator of a five-star resort in Mazatlan, where she was staying with her husband, Andrew Nabb.

She is recovering in an intensive care unit at a Calgary hospital after Saturday’s operation, her husband said.

Sheila Nabb was found bloodied and beaten at this five-star resort in Mexico. (Submitted by Chris Jones)

"Sheila’s injuries were very serious and she has a long recovery ahead, but we are looking forward to having her back home where she belongs," he said, adding her doctors said the procedure was successful.

"Although she is still sedated, she has been very responsive and we are happy to see small improvements every day," he said.

Nabb also said he was grateful for the concern and support that has been expressed by Canadians across the country.

"I would also like to thank the media for continuing to respect our family’s privacy during this difficult time," he said.

Mexican man to stand trial for beating

Jose Ramon Acosta Quintero, 28, was formally charged with attempted murder by Mexican judge late Wednesday.

With this announcement, the trial can begin, according to Mexican law.

Quintero admitted he hit Nabb in a hotel elevator in a luxury resort in the Mazatlan area, but denied he wanted to kill her. He also said his confession was forced. He has been denied bail.

Nabb, 37, of Calgary was on vacation with her husband at the upscale Riu resort last month when she was found lying in a pool of blood in one of the elevators.

Virtually every bone in her face was shattered after the attack, and she is recovering in a hospital in Calgary.

Quintero was arrested on Jan. 27. Prosecutors and investigators said they based their arrest on a hotel security video that showed him leaving the elevator where Nabb was attacked.

Quintero said in a public statement in Spanish and English that he was drunk and high on cocaine when he encountered Nabb.

Confession forced, says Quintero

He said the Canadian was naked when he began chatting with her in an elevator and he panicked when Nabb began screaming, "He won't let me out" when the doors reopened.

Quintero told reporters that he had blocked her exit with his hand because he wanted to continue talking to her. He said he hit her four to five times in the face when she continued to scream.

The confession before the media holds no legal weight and is a common practice in Mexico.

Jose Ramon Acosta Quintero, a Mexican national, has been charged in the beating. (Christiann Davis/AP)

Quintero said he was forced by police to sign two confessions, including one stating he meant to kill Nabb, as authorities swore at him.

He also told The Canadian Press that he was never allowed to read the confession or speak with a lawyer.

"So I have no idea what my confession says," he said. 

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