Mount Royal University is drafting a plan to promote good mental health on campus.

Dozens of recommendations are included in a report that was put together following 18 months of consultation.

Kandi McElary, the director of wellness for the university, said it will be a balanced plan to include the entire campus community, not just people who have mental health issues.

The school aims to addresses the problem of stigma as well as how to identify and help people struggling with mental illness, she added.

The school already has a first aid course that is geared specifically to mental health issues.

"Every security officer that we have on campus has had that training, every residence adviser has had that training, academic advisers, people who work in our finance department, some front-end people. We've had 120 people trained so far," said McElary.

University officials plan to meet next week to go through the recommendations and set priorities.

In January, Alberta Health gave three universities $3 million each to develop mental health programs, but MRU was not among them.

MRU Vice President Brian Fleming said the school will go ahead with its plan and present a proposal for provincial support at a later date.

"So when the opportunity comes about where there's more new, different funding, I think we'll be an attractive candidate," he said.