The mother and stepfather of Meika Jordan say they are frustrated with how long the court process is taking for the two people accused of killing the six-year-old girl.

Meika died in November 2011 of blunt force trauma while in the care of her father and stepmother, Spencer Lee Jordan and Marie Eva Magoon. Jordan and Magoon are charged with first-degree-murder and were in court Friday to re-elect their decision to be tried by a judge alone.

"I think at this point it's just the frustration of the constant, inevitable delays," said Brian Woodhouse, Meika's stepfather. 

Initially, police were told Meika had fallen down the stairs but further investigation suggested that story didn't fit with her injuries.

However, investigators did say neither Jordan nor Magoon were co-operating with the investigation into what had happened to the girl.

"We're here for Meika, not for them," said Kyla Woodhouse, Meika's mother. "We're not here for the Crown, we're not here for Spencer and Marie, we're here for Meika so that somewhere up in the heavens she knows that these parents did love her and care for her very much."

Meika's stepfather says they're frustrated because they feel the case isn't going anywhere.

Still, Woodhouse vows he and Meika's mother will be present for every court appearance by the accused.


Meika Jordan died at hospital a day after sustaining severe injuries in her home in Calgary's northeast. (Facebook)