A roll of tape was Bart Houben's most prized possession last Thursday.

The Medicine Hat, Alta., man had just got home from the dentist, and the Ativan hadn't yet worn off, but he was convinced his head was going to fall off.

Houben's girlfriend, Nola Besplug, filmed the aftermath of the dental visit, where Houben can be seen clutching a roll of tape while lying in bed.

"I don't recall 90 per cent of what happened," he said. "I started watching it and I was like, 'There's no way in hell this is me.'"

The pair decided to put the video online for the amusement of friends and family — the video has now been seen more than 1.7 million times and they even signed a licensing agreement with a viral video company. The clip also appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

"We just figured it was just fun for friends and family," Houben said. "We don't really know how it took off."

Houben said he's not expecting to be a millionaire as a result of the royalties from the video, but he's been bemused by the attention. 

As for what's next, there's a second part to the video that has been released on Facebook

And Houben said Besplug might want to watch out.

"Both of us have a really quirky sense of humour," he said. "She's got one on me, so it's my turn to get one on her."