Riverside boa

Newspaper carrier Randi Rissling found the skin of a boa constrictor, estimated to be about seven feet long, while she was delivering on Wednesday morning in Riverside. (Emma Bennett/Medicine Hat News)

It appears the mystery of the boa constrictor skin in Medicine Hat, Alta., has been solved.

There were concerns raised of a snake on the loose after the more than two-metre long skin was found Wednesday in a residential area.

But Heather Trail from Bylaw Services says she learned from Facebook that the boa was a pet.

She said the owner put the skin outside to dry after the snake moulted — and it simply blew away.

The City of Medicine Hat received several nervous phone calls after the boa constrictor skin was found.

Trail says conditions in the southern Alberta city are not conducive to a boa.

She said bylaw officers had questions right from the start because the skin was so perfectly intact.